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CYNAROL 40 caps by Flora

CYNAROL 40 caps
By Flora
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Our Price: $17.91
Package Type: 40 caps
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CYNAROL Description

For people whose blood lipid levels are a little high but not elevated enough to be put on medication, CYNAROLT is an ideal preventative measure. Combined with a balanced diet and exercise, CYNAROLT can help prevent elevated cholesterol levels. It is also ideal for people whose fat digestion is not working adequately. An indicator of this is flatulence and feelings of fullness after meals on a regular basis. A lackluster fat digestion is unpleasant but a weak fat metabolism can have far more serious consequences for the system: elevated blood lipid levels. A recent human double-blind study by a North Carolina biomedical laboratory has proven the effectiveness of XtraPureT artichoke concentrate, CYNAROLT - reduced triglycerides - reduced total serum cholesterol - reduced LDL "bad" cholesteron. (On average by over 40 points after 12 weeks of use). - Increased HDL "good" cholesterol. Previous European studies also underline the properties of the artichoke. All the studies highlight the active ingredient: "Cynarin". Cynarin is a very important marker substance - a "team Leader" among the other active ingredients. Yet, to release the healing properties of the artichoke fully, research points out that the whole spectrum of active ingredients of the plant is needed. CYNAROLT offers the perfect delivery system because it contains a very high amount of Cynarin and the full spectrum of active ingredients present in the artichoke.

CYNAROL Additional Notes

Each capsule contains 500mg of our natural Artichoke plant concentrate SCOLAMINT. This is the equivalent of 5,500mg of pure Artichoke! Easily and rapidly absorbed by the body, the formula is blisterpacked in soft gelatin capsules to retain nature's peak of potency.

CYNAROL Recommended Use

Unless otherwise instructed, take four capsules throughout the day with liquid. Capsules should be taken for at least 12 weeks.

CYNAROL Ingredients

Vegetable oils (soybean), beta-carotene (coloring), gelatin, glycerol, water.


KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Capsules should be stored in a dry place and protected from light.