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Hawthorn AF 1 oz by Nature's Answer

Hawthorn AF 1 oz
By Nature's Answer
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Hawthorn AF Description

The best-known herb for the heart in western herbalism is Hawthorn.

The extract of hawthorn can increase blood flow to the heart muscle itself, helping to counteract one of the most common modern causes of death in industrial countries--heart attack due to lack of blood flow to the heart. In pharmacological tests on both animals and humans, hawthorn has been shown to improve the contractility of the heart muscle (which can lead to a stronger pumping action of the heart), increase cardiac performance and output, lower the peripheral vascular resistance (reducing the workload of the heart), steady the heartbeat (antiarrhythmic effect), as well as increasing the heart's tolerance to oxygen deficiency, such as might happen during stress or excitement, or in diseases where the arteries are partially blocked.

May help to lower blood pressure. Used in early stages of congestive heart failure. Used to aid in long term recovery from heart attack. Helps to reduce the risk of angina attacks.

The berries' effects on the circulatory system have been researched in Europe. Certain chemical constituents in the berries seem to enhance enzyme metabolism and oxygen utilization in the heart muscle.

Hawthorn AF Additional Notes

Does Not Contain : Alcohol.

The berries should be taken over a period of time for their full nutritional benefits to be realized.

The extract can be taken long-term, is very safe, and will not interfere with any medications, according to the official European Community monograph (ESCOP) on hawthorn.

Hawthorn AF Recommended Use

As a dietary supplement approx. 40 drops, 3 times a day.

Hawthorn AF Ingredients

Holistically balanced extract of Wildcrafted Hawthorn Berry Leaf & Flower containing a guaranteed minimum 1.0% Vitamin 2-rhamnoside in a base of Coconut Glycerin and Triple Filtered Water.