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Milk Thistle AF 1 oz by Nature's Answer

Milk Thistle AF 1 oz
By Nature's Answer
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Milk Thistle AF Description

Today, milk thistle is best known as a producer of liver protectant known as silymarin, a group of milk thistle flavonoids.

Silymarin is known to protect the liver by altering and strengthening the structure of outer cell membranes of hepatocytes (liver cells), preventing toxins from entering the liver cells, and by stimulating the regenerative ability of the liver and the formation of new hepatocytes through the activation of an enzyme nucleolar polymerase A, which leads to the increase in ribosomal protein synthesis and cell division.

Silymarin, as an anti-oxidant, may also reduce damages to liver cells caused by chronic use of certain prescription drugs.

The silybin component of silymarin has been related to cholesterol-lowering effects.

Through the capability to increase bile solubility, sylimarin may also help prevent or alleviate gallstones.

Milk Thistle AF Additional Notes

Does Not Contain: Alcohol.

Milk Thistle AF Recommended Use

As a dietary supplement, 1-2 ml (approximately 28-56 drops), 3 times a day.

Milk Thistle AF Ingredients

Holistically Balanced Fluid Extract (1:1) of Wildcrafted Milk Thistle Seed in a base of Coconut Glycerin and Triple Filtered Water.


Keep out of the reach of children.