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OregaMax (Wild Oregano) 90 Caps by North American Herb And Spice

OregaMax (Wild Oregano) 90 Caps
By North American Herb And Spice
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OregaMax (Wild Oregano) Description

Oregano promotes a healthy immune system. OregaMax is a unique combination of ingredients. What makes the OregaMax formula so specials is that it is a time tested, ancient village remedy. The main ingredient is crushed wild oregano, which is a special mountain grown variety. It also contains Rhus coriaria (mountain sumac), which grows with oregano in the wild. Organic garlic and onion are added for additional herbal power. This wild hand-picked oregano is rich in naturally occurring antiseptics, particularly carvacrol. This is the original wild oregano herbal supplement, the first ever available in North America. While most people take two or more capsules daily, you can empty the capsules right on your food. It is so flavorful that two or three capsules sprinkled over your entree or salad creates an exotic treat.

OregaMax (Wild Oregano) Additional Notes

  • Supports immune and digestive systems.
  • OregaMax contains wild oregano plus mountain sumac berry (Rhus coriaria), organic garlic, and organic onion. It provides antioxidant and digestive support, as well as natural calcium, zinc, magnesium, and phosphorous for healthy bones.
  • OregaMax supports the body's immune system against germs and also supports the digestive process. It can be added to salads or sauces to spice up any meal.

OregaMax is the original wild oregano supplement. It contains a type of wild oregano that has the most ancient history known. In fact, when you take OregaMax, you are consuming the same ancient substance known as the hyssop of the Bible. It is the same substance which Mamonides, the famous Jewish physician of Islamic Spain, said is the hyssop of the Law. Yet, Mamonides as well as the modern researcher Fleisher knew that the hyssop of the mountains is, in fact, wild oregano. OregaMax is the ideal tonic for virtually anyone desiring strong herbal support. It tastes strong (but it is lovely) and is a source of tremendous herbal strength. OregaMax is made from wild oregano found in the deep Mediterranean mountains and is the only guaranteed wild Mediterranean oregano product. The wild oregano in OregaMax offers a rich array of strength-promoting flavonoids not found in the oil. It also contains Rhus coriaria, which is a mountain berry. This berry is a rich source of anti-allergy flavonoids, particularly malic, tannic and gallic acids. It also provides naturally occurring vitamin C. Finally, organic garlic and onion are added to accelerate the herbal powers. OregaMax is a village formula, and it has helped for thousands of years. The wild oregano in OregaMax is an excellent source of special, powerful substances known as phenolic acids. When you need herbal strength quickly, this is the formula to rely upon, because these phenolic acids help the body to enhance health. It is also a top source of natural calcium, zinc, copper and phosphorus; in fact, the plant grows right out of white, rocky, mineral-rich soil. Oregamax is the original wild oregano supplement.

OregaMax (Wild Oregano) Recommended Use

Take two capsules once or, preferably, twice daily with meals or on an empty stomach. For greater herbal power, take three caps two or three times daily. This wild oregano is safe and valuable. Open the caps and add it to food. It's the perfect way to feed your children!

OregaMax (Wild Oregano) Ingredients

Other Ingredients: Beef Gelatin Capsules.