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Serofin 60 Caps by NewChapter

Serofin 60 Caps
By NewChapter
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Package Type: 60 Caps
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Serofin Description

SerofinT is the most concentrated and complete St. John's Wort product in the world. St. John's Wort is widely recognized for its ability to safely and naturally support positive emotional health. Scientists, however, have been unable to determine which of its constituents has the ability to best modulate or balance brain chemistry. Research now confirms that multiple classes of phytonutrients, including hyperforin and hypericin, are independently capable of producing beneficial effects, but all of St. John's Wort's phytonutrients working in synergy will produce optimum benefit. New ChapterŪ uniquely combines all of these clinically proven constituents in one comprehensive formulation. Enjoy the fullest spectrum of St. Johns Wort and uplift!

Serofin Recommended Use

Take one softgel daily for the first week and then increase to two softgels daily.

Serofin Ingredients

Other ingredients: Olive oil - extra virgin, lecithin, and yellow beeswax.

Capsule: Gelatin, vegetable glycerin, purified water, and carob.


As with any dietary or herbal supplement, you should advise your health care practitioner of the use of this product. If you are taking a prescription medicine, check with a health care professional before using. St. John's Wort is not recommended for children, or for women who are nursing, pregnant, or considering pregnancy. Although phototoxicity in humans is rare, fair skinned individuals should avoid excessive exposure to sunlight when using St. John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum). May potentiate pharmaceutical MAO-inhibitors. Use of Hypericum perforatum with pharmaceutical antiretrovirals such as protease inhibitors, non-nuclease reverse transcriptase inhibitors, and other drugs that are similarly metabolized (such as birth control pills, digoxin, cyclosporine, blood thinners, chemotherapy drugs, asthma medications or drugs relating to the treatment of HIV) is not recommended and should be done only under the direct supervision of one's physician. Other potential side effects may include gastrointestinal symptoms, dizziness, tiredness, and mild allergic reactions (skin rash).