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Vitex Berry AF 1 oz by Nature's Answer

Vitex Berry AF 1 oz
By Nature's Answer
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Vitex Berry AF Description

Chaste tree berries, or Vitex, has the effect of stimulating and normalizing pituitary functions, especially its progesterone function. It may be called an amphoteric remedy, as it can produce apparently opposite effects, though in truth it is simply normalizing. It has for instance a reputation as an aphrodisiac and an anaphrodisiac! It will always enable what is appropriate to occur. The greatest use of this plant lies in normalizing the activity of female sex hormones and it is therefore indicated for menstrual cramping pains, premenstrual stress and other disorders related to hormone function. It is especially beneficial during menopausal changes. In a similar way it may be effective in helping the body to regain a natural balance after the use of birth control pills.

For Menopause, Vitex helps the body adapt to hormonal changes taking place, reducing hot flashes and their frequency, night sweats, depression and anxiety. during menopause.

Vitex Berry AF Additional Notes

Does Not Contain: Alcohol.

Vitex Berry AF Recommended Use

As a dietary supplement, 1-2 ml. (approx. 28-56 drops), 3 times a day.

Vitex Berry AF Ingredients

Holistically Balanced Fluid Extract (1:1) of Wildcrafted Chaste Tree Berry In A Base of Coconut Glycerin and Triple Filtered Water.