Very tasty, tender, juicy, aromatic meat!
You can also use slices of mushrooms, pineapple or prunes as a layer..
From the specified amount of ingredients, 6-8 servings are obtained.

  • 1 kg pork (loin is best)
  • 400 g cheese
  • 600 g tomatoes
  • 6-8 cloves of garlic
  • salt
  • pepper


Cut the tomatoes into slices.

Cut cheese into thin slices.

Finely chop the garlic.

In a piece of pork, make cuts (not reaching the end), about 1 cm thick.

Salt and pepper the pork (in the cuts too).

Put cheese, tomato, garlic in the cuts.

Wrap the pork in foil.

Put on a baking sheet, put in the oven.
Bake at 180 degrees for an hour.

Chop when serving.

Enjoy your meal!

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