Tartlets “Kittens”

Coming year – Rabbit (Cat).
For the Rabbit we prepared the Carrot salad, and these tartlets for the Cat.
As a filling, you can use any salad that will be combined with caviar.
Instead of black caviar, you can use finely chopped olives.

  • 10-12 tartlets
  • 200 g lightly salted salmon (or trout, pink salmon)
  • 150 g cucumber (or avocado)
  • 2 eggs
  • Red caviar
  • black caviar (I used seaweed caviar)
  • carrots for decoration


Finely chop the salmon.

Eggs (leave one protein for garnish) finely chop.

Cut cucumbers into small cubes.

Mix salmon, eggs, cucumbers.
I did not fill with anything, since the salmon is quite fat.
But if you use a different filling, you can season with mayonnaise.

Put the filling in the tartlets.

Put caviar on the filling.

For a ginger kitten, make ears and tongue from raw carrots, eyes and cheeks from protein, pupils from cucumber.
Black caviar nose.
Mustache – leek

For a black kitten (I used seaweed caviar) ears, eyes, cheeks – from protein.
Pupils – from cucumber.
Tongue – carrot.
Red caviar nose.
Mustache – leek

Enjoy your meal!

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